Petit Takett – Love, Legacy, and Recipes from the Maghreb Opens September 1 at the Skirball Cultural Center

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So many exciting things are under way.  In just a few short weeks my show, Petit Takett – Love, Legacy and Recipes from the Maghreb, will open at the Skirball Cultural Center.  It opens on September 1 and runs through January 10 of next year.  The process and the evolution of both the exhibit and accompanying event series has been an absolute privilege for me.  It’s the kind of experience that, as an artist, you wonder if you will ever have. During these past months, I have had the opportunity... Read The Rest →

Petit Takett at the Skirball Cultural Center

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It’s a little hard to summarize everything that has been going on since last fall, but the best part of the story is that Petit Takett will be showing at the Skirball Cultural Center Sept 1- January 10!  As an artist, it has been a lifelong dream to be able to present my work at this level.  Petit Takett means so much to me artistically because, in my past life as a commercial photographer, I shot many portraits of my own family.  I think it was my way of staying connected to my... Read The Rest →

Fall Forward


For whatever reason brisket and matzo ball soup (traditional Askenasi food) often dominate the conversation about Jewish food. Since the beginning of Petit Takett I have been trying to bring the Sephardic aspect of Jewish food culture into the discussion. Not just because it’s the half of my culture that I relate the most too but because it’s the lesser discussed. Sephardic food and culture is rich not just in flavor but also in it’s history and exotic traditions. I am very pleased to announce my participation in the artist series Kan Ya... Read The Rest →

Endless Summer Summary


This summer has been filled with tremendous progress for Petit Takett. I just completed a project proposal for a very special Petit Takett exhibition/installation. It was an intense process that I really enjoyed. Hopefully good news will come soon! Alan &  I  went on an awesome road trip to Big Sur. We visited his family  Newport News, Virginia. I hosted four Petit Takett Shabbat Dinner Experiences for 35+ people in Los Angeles, and a fifth Dinner Experience for Rosh Hashana in Miami. One of the Shabbat dinners was a very... Read The Rest →

Shabbat Dinner at the Historic Breed Street Shul August 8th

Petit Takett Breed St

Join me as I host a *Mexanisian themed Shabbat Dinner at the Historic Breed Street Shul Project in Boyle Heights. After having spent almost 13 years living just across the bridge from Boyle heights and wondering about this amazing building, I finally reached out and asked to volunteer there. Since then my admiration and fascination has only grown. I am so thrilled and lucky to be able to host a very special vegeterian *Mexanisian Shabbat Dinner Experience with exotic sounds by dublab on August 8th.  Get your tickets while they... Read The Rest →

Shabbat Dinner & Cous Cous


Shabbat dinner is a simple way to preserve not only a cultural tradition but an opportunity to share stories while enjoying the company of family and friends.  In my house growing up, Shabbat meant loud music and louder people.  But most of all it meant cous cous and boulettes.  Our shabbat dinners were lively and often ended in a ridiculous performance by my sister and me.  Marsha, my mother, was a consummate host.  My father, Sylvain, made the couscous, boulettes, and all the salads.  Watching him cook these huge, elaborate... Read The Rest →

Harrisa Cake with Sorbabes Gourmet Sorbet

Petit Takett_0067

Sweets and cakes with tea and coffee is a must.  My father was not a baker, so it wasn’t until I moved to Israel that I experienced true Tunisian / Middle Eastern sweets/cakes.  I never picked up any recipes for them while living there, but that all changed at my wedding in France.  My aunties came from Israel, having made every amazingly beautiful and perfect cake possible, so we could enjoy them during my henna ceremony.  That’s right, the cakes literally traveled with them on the plane.  Bless them!  I... Read The Rest →

Petit Takett Shabbat Dinners


Tickets on sale now for the Petit Takett Shabbat Dinners in May at Thank You for Coming in Atwater Village! The dinners will be a curated dining experience.  We will be observing a tradition within Jewish culture,  one too often lost in our busy everyday lives.  We will sit together as a group each Friday night discussing family, culture, love, art and everything in between.  Please bring your families and loved ones, and join us for a Tunisian Jewish Immigrant’s life and culture presented through food and entertaining. Purchase your tickets... Read The Rest →

Petit Takett Dining Experience


The Petit Takett Dining Experience was a huge success.  Together with a fantastic team of women, and of course the amazing crew at Thank You For Coming, we were able to pull off a 10 dish tasting dinner.  Every seat in the house was taken.  A photographic history of my family covered the walls.  Exotic, Tunisian-inspired music filled the room.  The tables were set with homemade placemats that had a distressed photograph of Takett’s, my grandmother’s restaurant in Tunisia, and wonderfully mismatched table and flatware.  Each table also had a... Read The Rest →

Penland School of Crafts and I

Petit Takett_0003

I went to the Penland School of Crafts not knowing what to expect.  The school is located in a small town nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  Given that I am generally a designer clothes loving, tiny hybrid car driving, exotic food eating city slicker, I was not at all sure how this was going to turn out for me.  I am happy to report, however, that Penland charmed the pants off of me.  Spruce Pines, the little town Penland is situated within, is awe-inspiringly beautiful.  The... Read The Rest →

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