Dinner at the West’s

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In all honesty, cooking with me can often be annoying.  I tend to be a bossy pants know-it-all.  The process of cooking is everything to me, therefore I am very methodical in the kitchen and I like to keep a very tidy, organized workspace when I cook.  Dinner is not just a meal; each dish should be a unique piece of edible art.  When I started to cook with Alan, my husband, we had to find a rhythm in the kitchen so he could participate and I wouldn’t bite his head off in the process. His roles now include exclusive rights to making tuna salad, doing the dishes and making all kinds of salad dressings.

When I decided to add an entertaining section to the website, I knew I was signing on to cook with friends in their kitchens.  I didn’t want to be a total bossy pants all of the time.  Nicole was the perfect first victim.  She is incredibly successful, organized, tidy and a fantastic baker.  We were totally simpatico in the kitchen.  I washed, she dried  she poured, I whipped.  Dinner was a great success and everyone seemed pleased with the meal.

We made a fantastically simple and delicious menu.  We started in the garden with cheese, olives and salami from a fantastic Italian deli near to their home in Pasadena.  Dinner consisted of grilled New York steaks, her motherʼs famous roasted potatoes, and perfectly crisp roasted Brussels sprouts.  Dessert was a banana cream pie so good it will have you licking your plate clean.