Dinner with the Sanderson’s

  • PetitTakett - Entertaining

Dinner with the Sanderson is always a blast!  Heather and I have been friends for 6 years, and the day we met I knew instantly that we would be besties.  We worked together at Pasadena Magazine where she was an AD sales rep and I was the staff photographer.   We had desks close to one another, and I would listen to her sling ads like it was for peanuts.  This girl can sell you the jacket off your back.  As an artist, I wish I was a little better at that.  At home, Heather is known as the director of ambience.  Heatherʼs husband, Spencer, is a very talented cook and runs a family owned food business.  It’s a rare pleasure for me to cook with someone who has as much passion for food and cooking as I do.  Even better, he has every kitchen gadget a girl could ever dream of!  Their son Smith, aka Smitty, turns a year old this week.  He already has a lot of personality, more so than some adults.  He is teething, which can be rough on him and his parents, and his two little teeth are too cute for words.

Since the days of Pasadena Magazine, my husband and I have become part of the Sanderson’s extended clan.  We often spend the holidays with Heather, Spencer, and their respective families.  They all even came to our wedding in France.  This week, I was invited to cook at Heather and Spencer’s beautiful home.  It was a family dinner with the Millers, Heather’s parents, whom I consider to be a surrogate family.  We made panko crusted chicken parmesan topped with micro green salad, which they make on the regular and have down to a science.  The chicken was just the right thickness, and had an amazing crunch and flavor.  Topping it with the light citrus salad made it perfect.  For dessert we had a mixed berry cake parfait which was super easy to prepare and absolutely delicious.