Indigo Explorations

At scarcely 18 and 20 years old my sister and I emptied our parents home of over 20 years into boxes that would sit in storage for 10 years.  We had to decide what to keep and what to sell or throw away.  A very daunting task to begin with coupled with our age and very little help many relics were lost, sold or misplaced.

In their home there was a linen closet full of embroidered napkins tablecloths etc. – what I would now call treasures but at the time I thought were old relics and they got tossed or donated to charity.  If I had the linens today I would likely find them as unappealing as I did 14 years ago but their sentimental value makes them irreplaceable. The artist in me found a way to replace these lost relics and change them to make them my own.

At some point since the inception of Petit Takett I decided that it was time to stop grieving over these lost linens and instead get new ones that are reminiscent of the ones lost. I scour thrift stores and estate sales to find what I can. I revitalize the vintage linens using a wood block technique called Shibori and a natural indigo dye to create beautiful patterns. Though the technique is borrowed from another culture the indigo is reminiscent of blue seen everywhere in Tunisia and the Mediterranean coast. The linens are then used for Shabbat dinners either at home or at a Petit Takett Pop-Up. They are representative of my parents lost linens and serve a symbol of my connection to my childhood home and our family dinner table.